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Seattle Workshops

These workshops are an excellent way to get in-depth exposure to the wide spectrum of the work we do in Systema in an accelerated format.

Times: Noon-4:30pm on Saturday

Location for all but Nov 3: HERE

Workshops are open to adults (minors aged 15+ must be accompanied by a participating parent).


Students will be required to sign a waiver. Water and a light snack will be provided.

 * No Experience Necessary *


(Price increases at midnight before a workshop)

February 10, 2018


Explore the strategies for prevailing against the handgun at various distances and on contact, including movement, disarming, and deployment.  (U.S. Citizens and Legal U.S. Residents only)

March 10, 2018


Systema breathing is truly unique in the world of health, fitness, and combat.  Learn how to prepare your psyche and body for any kind of physical or psychological stress.  Cultivate awareness of your internal state and your environment for survival.  Create your own customized recovery breathing and short-circuit the path to calmness and self-control under duress.

April 21, 2018


Systema striking is the only practical method of striking in the real world.  Learn how to weaponize your entire body for ballistic efficiency against traditional methods and multiple opponents.  Develop devastating short work and the ability to hide strikes.

May 5, 2018


Learn practical and effective drills against grabs and chokes at all levels of combat. Apply fear reduction and breath adaptation to very difficult real-world situations.  Defeat traditional notions of sportive grappling. This workshop will be taught by Instructor Art Cuellar.

June 2, 2018


Foundational work in breath, movement, and resilience training. Learn methods of self control under physical and emotional duress. Expand your psychological capabilities and increase your ability to adapt to rapidly changing requirements.

July 14, 2018


 One of the oldest weapons known to humans is a stick.  As a simple lever, it has been used to improve our lives, but it has also remained the most immediate means of creating intimidation and damage at a distance.  Learn how to prevail against the stick at every range and every situation.  Systema addresses this threat in ways that no other program can.

August 11, 2018


Free yourself from the shackles of limited movement, tension, and rigidity. Enhance tendon and ligament strength and develop the ability to adapt to ANY environment instantly while remaining composed, aware, and in control. Apply these liberating concepts to practical situations using proven comprehensive breathing methods.  These is our foundational course.

September 8, 2018


The knife is the most common tool in our lives… and it is unfortunately the most accessible and concealable tool for thugs/criminals.  Learn how to prevail before/during/after an ambush and how to leverage a bladed weapon to protect yourself and those you love.

October 6, 2018


Learn to leverage everyday items to increase your survivability.  Items such as pens, keys, books, bags, umbrellas, and clothing will be used in surprising ways to stun and disrupt your attacker.  Students should bring a bag, rigid water bottle, and heavy jacket.

November 3, 2018


(Seattle Center)

One of the most relevant but most difficult aspects of fighting in our everyday surroundings, this workshop will prepare you against attacks in uncomfortable positions and around obstacles including walls, doorways, and in stairwells.  This work is unique to Systema.

(Location is Seattle Center Armory, 4th Floor, Theater 4)

December 1, 2018


Systema is the only contemporary art that addresses the reality of multiple opponents in a confrontation.  Explore proven strategies for prevailing against 2+ opponents with and without weapons using specialized evasive maneuvers and body/mindset conditioning.

Workshop Cost: $75.00 ($100 day-of), Except Aug 11

(Active Duty LEO/MIL/First Responders will be reimbursed 10% of their registration fee in appreciation for their service.)