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Systema – Training Options



As with any language or life skill, a major milestone is the ability to freely use your knowledge and ability in any situation.  We place a high value on improvisational skill, and to attain this requires dedication and a certain amount of immersive training.

Therefore, we recommend training at least 2 times a week in order to establish the necessary realignment and connection of mind-body-brain and to cultivate awareness.

We offer several training options to help you in your journey:

Drop-in Session:

One 90-minute Systema or Breathwerx session for $20

The following are monthly membership options.

Monthly Unlimited Sessions

Monthly Unlimited Systema and Breathwerx Training (16 Sessions)

8 Sessions per month:

8 Systema or Breathwerx sessions per month

4 Sessions per month:

4 Systema or Breathwerx sessions per month

(These are monthly commitments that can be cancelled at any time in writing.  Memberships that are discontinued will be cancelled at the end of the month that the request took place. No refunds will be given for mid-month cancellation.)

Contact us for information on Private Training: HERE